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Happy Halloween!  We celebrated on Saturday with my new favorite holiday event: trick or wine.  Everyone got their babies dressed up in costumes and took them to the local wine shop where we did a wine tasting and all hung out.  Babies in costume are just about the cutest thing ever, and wine tasting is always good.  So all in all, awesomeness!

I totally slacked and didn’t get Adeline a Halloween costume until the last minute.  (Again, I’m a terrible stay-at-home mom.)  When I finally made it to Target to get a costume late last week, the selection was really pathetic.  I didn’t picture her as a cow (not sure what I did picture her as), but it actually turned out really cute.  I’m originally from Wisconsin, so I figure she was channeling her inner Wisconsinite.

a cow says "moo"

Of course, there were other costumes available: the excessively girly, psuedo-sexy baby girl costumes or the hyper-branded, Disney princess costumes.  Both directions I wasn’t interested in going.  I mean, really, who does that?  I guess the same people that want their daughters on Toddlers and Tiaras.  But I digress.

Addie and Daddy

It was so nice to get out of the house with both Adeline and David and to see so many of our friends.  David has been working a lot lately, and I miss him.  But at least for that afternoon, we were all together.  That’s what life should be like.

I love my papa

check out those braids!

little cupcake

rockin' dragon costume!

me and my love

I love watching Adeline as she becomes more and more interested in other babies.  It’s like she’s becoming a real person.  Awesome!


Addie's little friend

Adeline, of course, found the water dish that was left out for the dogs.  Within about 30 seconds she had splashed it all over herself and then proceeded to dump it out.  Then she played in the resulting puddle and carried the empty dish around.  I’m at the point where I just don’t even bother trying to stop her.  It’s a losing effort.


Happy Halloween!

beautiful girl