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Last week my husband had a work event and I went with him.  Something mildly distressing happened involving some people he works with; it was nothing major, but it was upsetting enough that I wanted to write about it.  So I wrote a post.  But even as I wrote it, I knew he wouldn’t be happy with it.  And after some discussion I decided that I couldn’t publish it.  But that got me thinking: where is the line?  What is ok to publish and what isn’t?  And how do you know?

This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve thought about this issue.  From something as simple as: “will people be ok if I write about them or post a picture with them in it?”  To, “parenting makes me think about my parents, but can I really write about them?”  And even just writing about potentially controversial subjects: “do I really want to go there?  What if I involuntarily offend someone I know and like?” (Because, you know, I don’t really care about offending people I don’t like…)  I don’t mind posting about my own deep, dark moments (watch for tomorrow’s post, for example), but when it involves other people things get touchy.

It seems like some of my favorite bloggers are so great because they’ll blog about anything.  But they probably have boundaries, too.  As one mom blogger said on Babble, “don’t write anything about anyone on your blog that you wouldn’t say to their face in a crowded room.”  That seems like a good way to think about this whole line-drawing thing.

So what do you think, blogosphere?  Are some things just off limits?  And if so, what?  How do you decide?