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** A collection of articles and other fun stuff from around the web. Mostly dealing with babies, parenting, moms, etc. But not always. **

Weaning And Depression Linked In Many Women (This makes a lot of sense to me; my depression really kicked in right around when Adeline started dropping a lot of her feedings. I wish I had known about this link before.  So here’s me doing my part to spread the word.)

5 Superpowers We All Had as Babies (According to Science) (This is from cracked.com – so it’s interesting with a heavy dose of snark.  But seriously, babies are super!)

Raising Baby Hunter-Gatherer Style (Love this!  Sounds like Hunter-Gatherer Style is basically attachment parenting, and it is, unsurprisingly, great for raising empathetic, intelligent, well-adjusted children)

One More Terrifying Thing Parents Haven’t Thought Of (Oh man… I’m already nervous for Adeline’s teenage years and this doesn’t help.  I usually try to avoid scary articles like this, but I actually like the conclusion here.)

Why Parents Should Stop Coddling Their Kids and Let Them Live Their Own Lives (Helicopter parents really freak me out.  This is a great essay on why it’s such a disservice to children.)