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** A collection of articles and other fun stuff from around the web. Mostly dealing with babies, parenting, moms, etc. But not always. **

Why Spoiled Babies Grow Up to Be Smarter, Kinder Kids (there’s no such thing as too much love and affection!)

New gentle cesarean taking off in Southwest Florida (this is great – immediate skin to skin even after a cesarean)

Helping the Child Who Won’t Go (we’re not ready for toilet training yet, but it is starting to enter my mind…)

Overindulgent Parenting? That’s So Ten Years Ago (have books like Tiger Mom and Free Range Parenting made us less indulgent parents?)


Friday Phone Photos

New Feature!

I’ve decided to add this new feature where I’ll post my Instagram pics from the week, including my #photoaday pics but also just other random ones.  I hope you enjoy it!

within minutes of getting her first Legos, Addie made this

Cat looking out, girl looking in

#marchphotoaday morning #clouds over Denver

at the dog park

Steve got bit by another dog at the dog park - now he looks like a badass!

#marchphotoaday our neighbor's #car

Colorado Photographic Arts Center fundraising dinner and auction

#marchphotoaday somebody loves #sunglasses

Baby and kitty snuggles