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** A collection of articles and other fun stuff from around the web. Mostly dealing with babies, parenting, moms, etc. But not always. **

10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You (Life advice that should be given at graduation… and to our children throughout their lives.)

Can Your Preschooler Learn Anything From an iPad App? (Short answer: we don’t really know yet, but maybe, if it’s the right app. And yes, it’s probably better than T.V.)

Are Teenagers Better At Solving The Thin Model Problem Than “Vogue” Editors? (Vogue says they’ll try not to knowingly hire anorexic models. Why not just stop already?)

N.C. Preacher Tells Parents to Crack Wrists, Punch Effeminate Children ( This is heartbreaking. What is wrong with these people? In sum, this preacher says that dads should break “limp wrists” and punch boys who act too girly; girls can play sports, but only if they’re always trying to look pretty.)

Parenting Styles: Is Your Child’s Temperament A Good Fit With Yours? (Interesting article on personality types and how to deal with it if your temperament clashes with your child’s temperament.)

** Friday Phone Photos **

#photoadayapril black and white

#photoadayapril 1 p.m. (nap time!)

Doing the stairs at Red Rocks

Getting Addie started early

#photoadayapril something that makes me sad (taken in Chicago last month with his permission)

#photoadayapril #circle

Adeline insisted on putting on every pair of undies that I bought her (not potty trained yet, but she loves to go without a diaper…)

#photoadaymay #peace

Addie and Izzy at the Denver Botanic Gardens

#photoadaymay something I wore