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** A collection of articles and other fun stuff from around the web. Mostly dealing with babies, parenting, moms, etc. But not always. **

How to Miss a Childhood (A recipe for a lifetime of regret. And some suggestions for change. Hint: stop checking your email.)

The Six Enemies of Greatness (and Happiness) (The whole list is great, but this is my favorite line: “If you’ve been doing what you’re doing for years and it’s not-so-great, you are in a rut. Many people refer to these ruts as careers.”)

Arrested Development: The Criminalization of America’s Schoolchildren (Very interesting article on the anti-freedom message that our children are receiving in public schools.)

MCA’s Feminist Legacy (Listening to and reading about the Beastie Boys over the last week has reminded me of how much I used to love them. This is a great article about the way that they grew up and came to embrace feminism.)

Six to Nine-Month-Olds Understand the Meaning of Many Spoken Words (This is the kind of thing that it surprises me we don’t clearly know already. Adeline very clearly understood so many words at six months old. At nine months she would walk to the laundry room if I mentioned doing laundry and help with the task.)

** Friday Phone Photos **

Adeline’s photography. She’s very cutting edge.

#photoadaymay #fun playing in the parachute!

Adeline and I in our Derby dresses – I won $80!

#photoadaymay #bird

#photoadaymay #skyline

#photoadaymay a smell I adore – flowers!

Addie and Darcy in Darcy’s new wagon

#photoadaymay something I do every day – read, write and drink water non-stop

We’re finally getting the back yard fenced in! Should be done this weekend!!

Addie moved her chair over to the door so she could sit and watch cars drive by