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** A collection of articles and other fun stuff from around the web. Mostly dealing with babies, parenting, moms, etc. But not always. **

For women in the workplace, it’s still about looks not deeds (A response to the media frenzy about Hillary Clinton daring to go out without makeup. I certainly experienced pressure to look a certain way when working in a corporate environment, and I overheard male coworkers talk about how women looked as much as they talked about the work women did.)

TIME’s take on toddler nursing: A madonna, her child… and a chair? (This is a great response to the TIME cover controversy from mothering.com.)

Breasts in Mourning: How Bottle-Feeding Mimics Child Loss in Mothers’ Brains (I’ve posted before about how weaning can lead to depression. This is a very scientific look at the mechanism behind that, especially related to early weaning or formula-feeding from the beginning.)

Why Parents Shouldn’t Force Kids to Say “I’m Sorry” (An interesting take on a parental habit – “Now say you’re sorry” – and why we should break it.)

The science of attachment parenting (An informative, objective look at what the science says about the value of attachment parenting. And also, an introduction to “mind-minded” parenting, which I’ve been practicing naturally and it apparently has a name!)

** Friday Phone Photos **

Our first Dave & Busters experience… was a bit of… a bust.

#photoadaymay something that makes me happy: Adeline dressing herself

Adeline dressing herself just gets better and better

Swinging with daddy on our neighbor’s swing. We’ve created a monster.

Fantastic Mothers Day present: a day at the spa

Where I relaxed between my services

#photoadaymay #grass

A perfect hiding spot

My cleanse lunch – delicious! #foodporn

Addie’s first dentist appointment!

#photoadaymay my afternoon #snack while editing photos outside

Dear Fenced-In Backyard: I love you.