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This is my daughter with a double ear infection.

OK, to be fair, this is her with a 103.8 fever, before the medicine kicked in.

On Tuesday morning Addie woke up with a bit of a fever. It wasn’t too bad, so we went down to breakfast and hoped it would clear up. By the time we got back upstairs it was 102.6. We gave her some Tylenol and gave up our hopes for a relaxing pool day. I sat down on the couch with her to snuggle a bit and she promptly fell asleep. When she woke up, she had a fever of 103.8.

Since the fever had gone up instead of down even with Tylenol, we made her an appointment with a local doctor. We couldn’t get in until 11:00, so we had a little more time in the hotel room. All she wanted to do was cuddle, so we laid down on the bed with her and she again fell asleep. That’s when I knew she was really sick.

We made it to the hospital and sat in the room waiting for the doctor. Turns out, doctors’ offices in Maui are just like doctors’ offices everywhere else in America. Same table, same chairs, same toys and books, same wait.

When the doctor finally came in he did a quick examination. He looked in her ears and let out a grunt of appreciation. “Impressive” he laughed. “Double ear infection”.

Idyllic vacation in paradise is not the best time to get a double ear infection. But it hardly slowed her down at all. Her fever broke that afternoon and the Tylenol and antibiotics started having an effect. Within a few hours we were down at the pool and she was totally rocking it. It’s amazing how quickly children heal and rebound.

And on the plus side, I have to say I kind of like it when she’s sick. I mean, when it’s something not too serious, like an ear infection. She gets so cuddly and she just wants to lay around with me and she lets me (or makes me) hold her all the time and it’s kind of nice. Of course, she was so hot that holding her made me sweat, which was scary, so that was not nice. But I’m trying to find the positives.

Since Tuesday we’ve managed to have a morning at the beach, lots of pool time, and David and I even had dinner out while Addie was with a babysitter. Double ear infection? Bah.