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You know when you get to the end of a vacation and you’re really ready to go home? You want to sleep in your own bed, watch a movie on your own couch, see your pets, see your friends, eat normal food, and just breath in the smell of your own house. You know that feeling?  Yeah, I didn’t really have it this vacation.

I LOVED Maui. It was paradise and I was there with the two most important people in the world and I just didn’t really want to leave. So I’ve been taking a few days to mourn the return to reality. Pardon my absence.

why would I want to leave?

I let myself disconnect while I was away – I didn’t blog very much, I hardly checked Facebook, and I only opened the computer a grand total of three times. It was a wonderful break. But now I need to get some momentum going in the other direction. I seemed to have a block about writing this first post-vacation post. So, in order to give myself a kick-start, you get this: a post about my reluctance to post. With any luck, this will open the floodgates and you’ll be deluged in writing yet again. Here’s hoping.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? A reluctance to return to writing after a break? Or just a reluctance to return to “real life” after vacation?

(Don’t worry, I’ll post some more Maui pics soon. I have hundreds, it’s just a matter of finding the best ones!)