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OK people, as you might guess, I’ve been a little bit distracted lately. You know, the whole cross-country move and all. What with packing beforehand, the move itself, and unpacking, I feel like I’ve been out of sorts for a month. In that time I’ve tried to keep up with my blogging but I didn’t really spend any time at all thinking about BlogHer. BlogHer’12 that is.

It hit me over the weekend that BlogHer’12 is next week. NEXT WEEK!  I’m going to New York, by myself, for an awesome three-day extraveganza of panels, parties and paparazzi. OK, maybe not the paparazzi. But there will be some pretty famous ladies there, both bloggers and non-bloggers. And I am freaking excited.

And also totally unprepared. Crap. I haven’t given any thought to what I’m going to bring. What I’m going to wear. What panels I want to attend. What bloggers I want to meet. What parties I want to go to. Gah!

I’ve also been a bit in denial about the fact that I’ll be leaving Adeline for the first time ever. I know most moms have done that by the time their children are 20 months old. But I never have, and I’m a bit nervous. She’s been very mommy-centric with all the changes lately and I don’t want to leave her during such an emotional time. She’ll have her daddy and her grandma, but still. I’m feeling a bit guilty. Also, though, I’m feeling so incredibly excited for some alone time.

I mean, seriously? This is going to be awesome! So catch me up ladies. Who’s going? What are you wearing? What parties are you going to? Can we meet??