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I have certain goals as a parent: instill a sense of feminism in my daughter, attempt to raise her in a gender-neutral way, try to keep her away from the hyper-consumerism that runs rampant in our culture.

But I also want to respect what she wants and make her happy.

Today, those interests came to a head. And Adeline won. We went to Toys’R’Us and bought a baby doll, complete with baby care accessories, and a play stroller.

The selection. Gender-neutral parenting hell.

I let her pick out the ones she wanted, and she, at least, picked out a relatively cute and not overly obnoxious one. Since the moment we first opened the packages (immediately upon paying for them, without even getting out of line; thank god the store was empty), she hasn’t stopped playing with Baby.

I have a feeling I’m going to become very familiar with this little duo.

Baby came to Whole Foods with us. Baby walked the dogs with us. Baby ate lunch with us. Oh. My. God. Please tell me this will stop soon. It’s the novelty, right? I just don’t think I can stand bringing Baby with us everywhere from now on.

Shopping at Whole Foods with her Baby. I wonder where she gets it from??

On the other hand, I’m writing a post while Adeline is awake for the first time ever. She’s putting Baby in her shopping cart and then in the the stroller and back again. Baby is getting the tour of our whole apartment. Adeline is happy and busy and that makes me pretty damn happy, too. I guess I can learn to live with this.

Baby, welcome to the family.