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Tomorrow is September 1. I turn 30 on October 11. I’m almost out of time to finish my list! So here’s an update on my progress so far:

 1. Fund 30 Kiva* loans

I need your help on this one!!  So far my amazing, incredible, generous, philanthropic, wonderful team has funded 25 loans. We are ALMOST there! Please, please, please join my team if you haven’t already. It’s super easy. Just click this link, pick a borrower, and checkout. At checkout, just be sure to check the option to “Apply to Sara’s 30 Before 30 Lending Team”. That’s it! And if you’ve never loaned with Kiva before, your first loan is FREE. It couldn’t be any easier!

(*Kiva is a microcredit organization that facilitates small loans to borrowers around the world. These loans help the borrowers start and maintain small businesses and therefore escape the cycle of poverty. You can loan as little as $25 at a time. Over 98% of loans are paid back. When your loan is paid back, you can either re-lend the money or you can cash out. Kiva loans change lives. Join us!)

2.     Submit something to be published

3. Do 30 Days of Truth

I’m working on it. I’ve only done six so far, which means I have 24 coming up in the next 41 days. We’ll see…

Check out my previous entries here, here, here, here, here, and here.

4.     Learn Photoshop

5. Get a new tattoo.

I’m doing this really soon! I know what I want, I just have to find a good tattoo place and find a good time to go. I will definitely post pictures when it’s done!

6. Write a novel

I have officially started working on it, as I mentioned here. I’m giving myself until the end of the year to get a first draft done. I have to do some research, though, so I might not quite make it. Keep sending me those positive vibes!

7. Finish Project 52

This is a weekly photography challenge that goes through the end of the year (52 weeks – get it?). I’m on track!

8.     Get something published

9.     Go somewhere I’ve never been before

10. Climb a 14K

11. Forgive someone

12. Find my go-to Karaoke song

13. Master one yoga pose

14. Do a cleanse

15. Go to an opera

We have tickets for an opera the week after my birthday. That counts!

16. Master a difficult song on the piano  

Ok, I don’t know about mastery. That might be asking a bit much. But I did learn and learn well a somewhat difficult (for me at least) song on the piano. I can feel myself improving every time I practice and I’m going to keep playing. That’s what I wanted. I feel accomplished and happy and I love playing.

17. Find a good place to volunteer and start volunteering

I’m volunteering on the planning committee for a fundraiser for an awesome organization, Heshima Kenya. It’s the first and only organization in Kenya devoted to identifying, protecting and empowering unaccompanied refugee children and youth living in Nairobi. I’m so proud to be involved!

18. Start composting

19. Print photo albums

20. Learn how to use camera in manual mode

21. Do something that terrifies me

22. Write a business plan

23. Do something fun for my 30th birthday

24. Audit a science class

25. Take a hot air balloon ride

26. Paint a picture

27. Watch the Godfather movies

28. Purchase a very expensive, staple item of clothing/accessory

29. Get a facial

30. Forgive myself

For those of you playing along at home, that means I still have 11 things to cross off the list. I’m going to be a busy girl! I started this list at about six months out, though, so I’ve kept up a pretty good pace.

Here’s to the last 41 days of my twenties!!!