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I attach my draft, read the email one last time, and press send. 4000 words, out in the ether, making their way to inboxes around the city at nearly the speed of light. Two years ago I never would have had the courage to share my writing like this. Five years ago, I didn’t even have the courage to tell anyone that I was writing at all. I’ve come a long way.

I just joined a writing group with three amazing women and I’m so.freaking.excited. It seems like every time I read a successful author write about the writing process itself, they mention a writing group as a huge factor to their success. People to critique your work, yes, but also people to support you in your journey. To just know what you’re going through and nod their heads when you bitch. That’s what I envision, anyways. But you can’t join a writing group unless you’re ready to share your writing.

Becoming a writer takes more than just sitting down at your computer and typing. It’s an identity, one that you have to fully embrace to allow it to shine. Maybe some people can write in complete secrecy, with the blinds drawn and their family and friends in the dark. But not me. I needed to turn on the lights, let the sun in, invite everyone I know to a coming out party.

Even then, though, the idea of sharing your writing is still scary. This blog, of course, has been a huge help. Every time I post, I get a little better at writing and a little better at sharing. When I first started, I agonized over every post, hoping it was good enough. Desperately wanting it to be a huge success. Of course, I still care about the quality of my posts and I still want them to do well, but now I know that my soul won’t be destroyed if they happen to flop.

Now I know that I can give my writing wings and let it fly or not. I know that if it falls to the ground, I have more inside of me to share. I have a limitless supply, and if I keep giving it wings, some day my writing will fly higher than I can even dream.

So thank you to you, my faithful readers, for being with me on this journey. I think we’re going somewhere really great and I hope you’ll continue to come along with me. And thank you to the brilliant ladies of my new writing group. Let’s fly together.