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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m making November an entire month of giving thanks. Every day, I post on Facebook one thing that I’m grateful for. And, more importantly, I try to practice gratitude all day, for all things.

Every week or so, I’ll share those posts here. (Apologies to my Facebook friends who have already seen this.)

Day 1

I’m thankful for pillow fights with my daughter. She gets more fun every day and today we were laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt. I haven’t laughed that way in a long time and I want to do it much more often. It made my heart hurt it was so wonderful.

Day 2

I’m thankful for piles of leaves. Adeline and I found a big pile and jumped in it, played with the leaves, and laughed our hearts out. I’m still brushing leaves out of my hair, but it was totally worth it. It’s a sunny, blue sky kind of day in Chicago, and the sun was filtering through the tree branches above us as we played. At one point I laid down in the pile and was watching her play, the sunlight making her hair golden and her face bright, and I experienced a moment of pure and complete joy. One moment like that is enough to make it all worth it.

Day 3

Today I’m thankful for weekends and the chance to spend a full day with my wonderful husband. I love him more than anything.

Day 4

Today I’m grateful for singing. Much of my life has been filled with the joy of song. From singing along as my Grandpa Harry played the piano, to singing non-stop for over a decade at Phantom Lake YMCA Camp, choir and musicals in high school, rush and ritual songs at Theta and Humorology in college, and even the Law School Musical. But then, after law school, I went through a period in my life where there was no reason for me to ever sing. It was a dark period for many reasons, but that certainly didn’t help. When Adeline was mere days old, I started singing to her, and the singing has only grown since then. It has helped me reconnect with a vital part of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. Watching Adeline learn to sing – listening to her joyously belt out the words to Twinkle Twinkle and even Sweet Adeline – I feel a surge of warmth, knowing that she is learning to enjoy something that can bring her happiness in the loneliest of moments. I’m so grateful for singing.

me and Grandpa Harry

Day 5

Today I’m grateful for Force-Flex garbage bags. Because sometimes when you clean out the fridge/cabinets, a regular garbage bag just isn’t going to cut it.

And on a more serious note, I’m grateful that Adeline is able to go to Montessori school three days a week. It’s a great experience for her and it gives me time to write. 3000 words today!

Day 6

Today I’m grateful that I have the freedom to vote, and the knowledge and ability to exercise that right. And I’m especially grateful that, for the first time, I actually felt like I was voting for a candidate, instead of just picking the lesser of two evils. Go Gary Johnson!