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I’ve made it halfway – it’s all downhill from here! Downhill to a giant belly, backaches, heartburn, inability to lift oneself off the couch . . . you get the idea. But I’m not there yet! I’m in the second trimester easy zone: relatively symptom free and enjoying baby boy’s kicks.


The little guy is kicking like crazy these days, and I LOVE it. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this part when I was pregnant with Addie. How much, in those first days, I actually felt like I missed her, even though I was holding her in my arms. Yes, I was looking at her, but she was already more separate from me than she’d ever been before: she was no longer inside of me, communing with me day and night with her little kicks and nudges and rolls and twists.

Not to mention that a baby in the belly is a lot easier: everything is taken care of, you don’t have to worry about SIDS, and you don’t have to walk around the house for hours all night trying desperately to get the baby to stop screaming.

Still though, I know I’ll be more than ready for the pregnancy to be over by the time my due date rolls around. So in the meantime I’m going to really enjoy these kicks from my little boy.

And enjoying it is easy right now because I’m relatively symptom-free. Some backaches every now and then is the worst thing. And I just started to get heartburn, which was a big problem when I was pregnant with Addie. But it’s all manageable at this stage.

The most fun “symptom” is that I just started getting braxton hicks contractions. Really just a small tightening of the uterus right now, but enough to make it into a little ball in my stomach. I know in a few weeks I’ll be over it, but right now it’s a fun reminder that this is all going to be real in just a few short months.

I’m halfway there!!

P.S. If you thought Addie looked a little less excited than usual to be in the picture, it’s because we had to tear her away from Nana’s winter village. We’re up at my parents’ for the weekend and Addie loves to play with all the little houses, trees, horses, etc. So cute!