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I’ve traveled a lot and to some really awesome places: Fiji, Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro, all over Western Europe, Belize, Grand Cayman, the Bahamas, Hawaii and many other really amazing places. But the thing about travel is that once you have the bug, you just want more and more.

You’ll have noticed some glaring absences on that list, and they’re all places I’m dying to go: South America, Russia, India, Australia, Asia, China. India is at the top of my list right now, though I’m guessing it will be awhile before I make it there. But any of those places I haven’t yet been would thrill me to the core.

China rose to the top of the list the other day when David mentioned casually that his firm does a lot of work in China and he might have to go there for work “someday”.

“That would be great!” I responded, the daydreams already piling up. “We could come along and make a vacation of it!”

“Mmmhmmm…” He muttered, clearly already thinking about something else. And that was the end of the conversation.

Imagine my surprise two days later when he called me from work.

“Can you find my passport and bring it down to the office? I need to get a visa. I’m going to China next week.”

Um, WHAT? I felt my daydreams crumple around me as I realized we would never be able to go with him on such short notice. And that it wouldn’t really be a great time to go anyway, what with me five months pregnant and all. In my mind this trip was happening in two years when there would be plenty of time to get the kids passports and arrange flights and just generally prepare.

So instead David is going alone. He keeps reminding me that he’s going to be working the whole time and it’s not going to be exactly fun for him. But still. He’s going to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. I don’t care what he’s doing while he’s there. I’m insanely jealous.

photo credit: wikitravel.org

photo credit: wikitravel.org

But once the initial jealousy settled in, I realized there was another strong emotion: fear. He’s going to be gone for ten days. That means ten days alone with Addie. David travels for work, but it’s usually only a day or two at a time. Three or four days at most. This will be the longest he’s been away since we had Addie. I know some people do this all the time, but it’s new to me and I’m really nervous.

I know I’ll be fine with the general day-to-day of parenting: getting meals, giving baths, etc. But at the end of the day, I crave a little adult interaction. I’m afraid I’m going to go insane without David to commiserate with for such a long time.

So. Any advice from people who go through this a lot? Anyone want to come over and keep me company? Anyone had to deal with travel jealousy?