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Last week I posted about a writing workshop I went to where the presenter was a published author. Except her published book was actually the FIFTH one that she’d written.

This motivated me to Just Keep Writing.

It also happened to coincide with a strong hatred on my part of my current finished manuscript (Book #1). I’ve heard that this hatred is common – that it happens when you’ve spent too much time on a book and are simply too close to it. The recommended fix? Step away from the book. For a good long time. As in, several months, at least. When you come back, things will be clearer.

I’ve been working on revisions for the last six months, pretty much constantly. I’ve left the book for a few weeks at a time, but I was always still thinking about it. Trying to work through the problems even when I was supposed to be taking a break. This time, I need a real break. One where I completely leave it, refusing to give it even a moment of my attention.

So I’m really doing it this time: I’m taking a complete break from Book #1. I’m not going to work on it, think about it, or devote any emotional energy to it.

So what will I do with all my free time now? And how will I stop myself from thinking about Book #1? Write another book, of course!

The workshop was last Monday night. Tuesday I started brainstorming and tentatively writing down my thoughts for a new book. Wednesday (one week ago today) I started writing.

The idea has been percolating for about a month – prompted by a conversation with my therapist. And now that I’ve started writing, it’s coming pretty easily. I have 17,000 words so far. At this pace, I’m hoping to have a first draft done by the end of May.


(That’s my “Hold Me Accountable” phrase there, so don’t let me get away with not keeping you updated!)

Like Book #1, this novel is also YA Dystopian. But it’s more YA and it follows more of the typical conventions for dystopian fiction. I’m hoping this is a good thing.

Wish me luck!