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I don’t know whose fault it was, maybe both of ours. Either way, Addie and I started the day off badly. She was being a typical two year old, refusing to cooperate with anything, whining about everything and having tantrum after tantrum. And I didn’t help the situation: I just couldn’t make myself deal with it calmly and rationally. So as she got more annoying I got more annoyed and we both just kept cycling together.

We missed her swimming class because she absolutely refused to cooperate with getting ready. Then she not only refused to nap (which I should be used to by now since she hasn’t taken a nap in almost a month) but also refused to even do her quiet time. The day was going from bad to worse.

I had a moment where all I wanted to do was scream and completely lose my shit. I desperately asked Twitter for advice on how to deal (and received this lovely advice from Laura at I’d Rather Sit on the Couch: “some days we’re just not going to be able to deal and that’s ok”) and then I thought, hey, I wrote a post about this once.

I looked back at my own advice and looked out the window at the perfect, sunny, 78 degree day and decided we needed to get our butts outside. And from then on, things got better.

We started off our adventure with a train ride downtown, which is automatic goodness because Addie loves trains. We went to the Art Institute first, where I calmed my nerves with some fabulous Impressionist art and then we wound our way over to the Modern Wing for some Jackson Pollock and friends.

Modern Art

Addie was not impressed with Twombly. She thought it looked a lot like a piece of paper after she’s been using it for an art project for a few days. Or maybe that’s just what I thought.


From the museum we went to Millennium Park. First to the gardens because I was still in need of a little calming. We found a perfect little spot to sit in the sun and dip our toes in a fountain and enjoy the flowers and skyline views. We were surrounded by couples snuggling and professionals enjoying a quiet lunch break. I felt very Zen.

Lurie Gardens

Then we went over to Crown Fountain because Addie deserved a little wild and crazy fun by that point. We got soaking wet and Addie could have stayed forever.

Crown Fountain

Finally I dragged her away and we boarded the train back home.


We rounded off the evening with a little al fresco dining across the street from our place.


And the best part of all? Addie was so worn out by her missed nap and her big afternoon that she’s already asleep. Halleluiah!

All of which is to say, I’m fully seconding my original advice that getting out of the house is one of the best ways to deal with a crappy crabby two-year-old!