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Here we go! I’m finally getting really big. Although honestly, I wish I were a little bigger because I feel super crowded inside. My organs are all shoved up into my lungs and it feels like the boy is constantly pushing on my bladder. Yay!

35 Weeks Pregnant

I mean, seriously, how many times can a person get up to pee in the middle of the night? If you said 4 or 5, you’d be right. Is it any wonder I look exhausted in this picture?

On the plus side, physical therapy is awesome and my SI joint pain is pretty much all gone. Even with all the moving, lifting things, bending down to unpack, etc, it hasn’t come back. So that’s huge.

What isn’t actually huge is me: I’ve stopped gaining weight and by fundal height I’m measuring about two weeks behind. Which is exactly what was happening with Addie at this point in my pregnancy with her……. And she was nine days late. All of which has made me finally admit to myself that this baby might be just as late as she was. Dear god, I really hope not.

It doesn’t seem possible because my braxton hicks have gotten super intense. They send aches wrapping around my back and radiating down my legs. It’s still nothing like real labor contractions, but they’re pretty strong. It sure feels like it must mean labor isn’t too far away. But my midwives assure me that I just have a “talkative uterus” and it’s probably not causing any progress. We’re going to check at my next appointment (next week) to see if I’m dilating or effacing at all. Fingers crossed!

I guess the good thing about going full term or longer is that it gives me a little more time. More time with Addie. More time with just one child. More time to settle into the new house. More time to work on my book (more on that soon!). More time to sleep – even if it is interrupted by lots of peeing. More time to get ready for an infant again…

In the meantime, I’m just trying to enjoy this last bit of quiet time with my boy. I can feel knees and elbows and feet jabbing me all over, and sometimes he stretches up and shoves a foot into my ribs. He still seems really chill and I can’t wait to meet him and see what he’s like.

5 weeks! (Or maybe more…..)