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Still pregnant. While I wait, I figured a post on my growing belly was in order. See, in addition to all the pictures I’ve taken with Addie and our week-by-week sign, I’ve also been taking pictures of my growing belly. When I looked back to do this post, I kind of couldn’t believe how much it’s grown!

18 Weeks

18_weeks_pregnantI was already in maternity pants at this point because my regular pants wouldn’t button, but holy cats! Looking back… Yeah, this was nothing.

24 Weeks

24_weeks_pregnantStill pretty small, but starting to show.

30 Weeks

30_weeks_pregnantI was already so uncomfortable at this point, but now I can’t figure out why. I was still so small!

34 Weeks

34_weeks_pregnantHere’s when things finally start to get serious! Big growth spurt between 30 and 34 weeks.

36 Weeks

36_weeks_pregnantNow you can really tell there’s a baby in there!

38 Weeks

38_weeks_pregnantI think this is actually the most pregnant I looked, because shortly after this, he dropped…

40 Weeks

40_Weeks_pregnantAnd now he’s looking much lower and all ready to go! At least that’s what I’m telling myself. He must be coming soon…

I can’t wait to get rid of this belly, so I can do things like wear normal clothes instead of the few maternity outfits I have and pick up/cuddle with Addie and tie my shoes and get out of the car when I park in a tight spot. But it’s almost hard to imagine having no belly again. I guess that’s what nine months of growth will do to you – it’s like I have Stockholm Syndrome with the belly.

Nah, just kidding. Let’s get this party started!