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Archer is two weeks old already! That hardly seems possible, but it’s true. It’s been a bit of a blur because, as I mentioned last week, life with a newborn is hard. Some days I don’t manage to leave the house, and those days pretty much suck. But I’m making an effort to take a walk or do something outside every day and that helps.

As far as the highlights of my last two weeks, here are a few. I was doing laundry yesterday and ran out of clothes, so I attempted to put on my pre-pregnancy pants. That was a miserable failure. Honestly though? I’m ok with that. Because let’s be honest: elastic waistbands are pretty much the best. So forgiving, so relaxed, so comfy. I’ll stick with my maternity pants a bit longer.

Last week Archer and I did the follow-up to my maternity photo session: photos together, both of us nude. In the course of an hour, he managed to spit up on me, pee on me twice, and poop on me. Add to that my leaky boobs and I was covered in almost every bodily fluid. So that was awesome. But the pictures are fantastic, so I’ll take it. All in the name of art, right?

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 6.12.05 PM

Adeline is adjusting to being a big sister. For the most part she seems to really like it. She puts little blankets on him and gives him big hugs and kisses and gushes that he’s just “soooo cuuuuute”. On the other hand, she’s been wearing the same dress, almost constantly, day and night, since he was born. (Alternated with her “big sister” shirt that a friend got her.) I guess it’s her version of a security blanket. We manage to wash it every few days and so far I haven’t had the energy to fight her on it much. But eventually she’s going to have to wear something else… right?

The dress.

The dress.

The shirt.

The shirt.

More about Archer. He has definitely “woken up,” but on the whole he’s still pretty chill. He sleeps a lot, but he still has his days and nights mixed up a bit, so he’s up a lot at night. During the day he mostly just eats and sleeps. I had forgotten how they’re pretty much completely uninteresting at first; there’s not really much to say about him. So I’ll just show you some pictures:


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