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We moved into our new house almost exactly three months ago. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since then – unpacking, a homebirth, and life with a newborn – and I just realized that I never shared any pictures.

So I snapped a few with my phone, including some with the fun new panorama feature. These were all taken when Addie was at school, so that any given room would stay clean long enough to take a picture of it. Because when Addie is home, the entire house is basically chaos all. the. time.

photo(56)This is the living room, dining room, kitchen level. It actually has really nice light – I think the panorama made it look darker than it is. Note Addie’s castle/tent. $20 at Ikea and she freaking loves it. I’m just saying, in case you’re starting to think about Christmas presents for the toddler in your life.

622d859edd2b11e2ab6b22000aa8004d_7The kitchen. I swear we don’t drink as much as the top of that fridge might lead you to believe…

photo(55)My little piano nook.

photo(54)Up to the bedroom level, looking down the hall into our room.

photo(53)And looking down the hall into the kids’ rooms.

photo(52)Addie’s room – complete with Cayman the cat. See her?

photo(49)There she is! Migrated to the bed.

photo(50)Archer’s room. Seriously, this panorama business is so fun!

photo(51)Still working on decorating his room, but we’ve got one wall covered.

photo(48)And on the fourth floor, David’s messy office and my books.

There’s also a foyer and guest room on the first level, but that’s basically stroller parking right now (because, obviously, we need three strollers and a carseat), so it didn’t seem worthy of a picture.

It’s a nice house, but it’s more than that now. Slowly but surely, this is becoming home.