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Hey there! It’s been awhile, but here I am. First of all, Archer is now four months old. (Well, actually almost 4.5 months by this time, but cut me some slack, I’m trying to get back into things.)

Four Months

He’s doing all the typical baby stuff, like chewing on everything and reaching for toys and even getting a little miffed when he drops toys or Addie takes them away. Which she really almost never does, because she honestly loves her little brother and she’s more likely to be giving him toys or covering him with hugs and kisses.

Archer is still kind of a giant. At his four month appointment he was sixteen pounds, which puts him at the 50 percentile for weight. But he’s at the 95% for height! To which everyone, of course, says: “He’ll have to play basketball!” Better that than football, is all I can say.

He’s still a chill boy and also incredibly happy. He’s ticklish and I love making him smile and giggle with little neck kisses. All of which is to say, I’m pretty over the moon. I mean, how could I not be? Look at those eyes!


Blue Steel

He's a major thumb-sucker

He’s a major thumb-sucker

Trying to roll. Occasionally succeeding.

Trying to roll. Occasionally succeeding.

The other thing that happened since I last wrote is that Adeline turned three. Holy cats!


She’s such a little kid now that I almost can’t believe it. Annnnnd we’re also seeing some of this whole “Three is worse than Two” business. I’ll just leave it at that.

In other news, I participated in National Novel Writing Month this year and I finished the full 50,000 words to make me an official “winner.” Which, by the way, is why I didn’t post AT ALL in November. Every free moment I had was dedicated to making my word count. For NaNoWriMo I went back and actually did some real work on my Mississippi book (remember that whole research trip I did last fall?). I got a good framework done, but there’s still a ton of work to be done. It’s literary fiction, so I’m guessing a completed first draft would be more like 110,00 words. I’ll get back to it, but not right away.

Because now I’m back to working on my dystopian YA novel and I’m having so much fun with it again. Probably because I’m doing even more rewriting and rewriting is kind of like first draft writing, which I really like. But eventually I have to settle on something. So I’m going to say it here: I want to be ready to query this book by March of 2014. That gives me basically three months.

So you might not hear from me again for a little while!